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2014학년도 2학기에 본교 자연과학대학과 미국 University of Texas at Dallas의 자연과학대학(School of Natural Science and Mathematics) 간 복수학위 프로그램을 통해 미국에 파견되었던 학생 2(화학과 김현수/ 생명과학과 김미경)2년 동안의 복수학위 프로그램을 성공적으로 마치고 UTD에서 학위를 수여 받았다. 두 학생은 UT Dallas에서 취득한 학위 이외에도 본교에서의 졸업 요건을 충족하여 두 대학의 졸업장을 모두 취득하게 될 예정이다.



Commencement of First Dual Degree Students at University of Texas at Dallas

Two of our science students who were sent to the University of Texas at Dallas School of Natural Science and Mathematics as dual degree student were recently awarded a bachelor’s degree from UT Dallas. They started the program 2014 fall semester and have walked through rigorous academic work for two years with other local and international students. Their academic credits have been, or will be, transferred to our College. through which they will graduate from SKKU as well.


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