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Comparative genome analysis of the monogonont marine rotifer Brachionus manjavacas Australian strain: Potential application for ecotoxicology and environmental genomics




This is the first study to analyze the whole-genome sequence of B. manjavacas Australian (Aus.) strain through combination of Oxford Nanopore long-read seq, resulting in a total length of 108.1 Mb and 75 contigs. Genome-wide detoxification related gene families in B. manjavacas Aus. strain were comparatively analyzed with those previously identified in other Brachionus spp., including B. manjavacas German (Ger.) strain. Most of the subfamilies in detoxification related families (CYPs, GSTs, and ABCs) were highly conserved and confirmed orthologous relationship with Brachionus spp., and with accumulation of genome data, clear differences between genomic repertoires were demonstrated the marine and the freshwater species. Furthermore, strain-specific genetic variations were present between the Aus. and Ger. strains of B. manjavacas. This whole-genome analysis provides in-depth review on the genomic structural differences for detoxification-related gene families and further provides useful information for comparative ecotoxicological studies and evolution of detoxification mechanisms in Brachionus spp.



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