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Plastic is regarded as a major environmental concern. In particular, nanoplastics and microplastics (NMPs) are attracting global attention due to their potential impact on aquatic organisms. Here, we examined the effects of NMPs (50 nm polystyrene microbead nanoplastics [NPs] and 45 µm microplastics [MPs]) on oxidative status and gut microbiota in the marine medaka Oryzias melastigma. The NP-exposed group exhibited stronger oxidative stress with higher activation levels of antioxidants compared to the MP-exposed group. However, the MP-exposed group demonstrated induction of intestinal damage (e.g., increased mucus ratio) with further alterations of gut microbiota, compared to the NP-exposed group. In particular, MPs caused more significant alterations of microbiota composition at both phylum and genus levels. Thus, in this study we show distinct toxicity pathways of NPs and MPs, an oxidative stress-mediated pathway (e.g., antioxidants) induced by NP exposure and dysbiosis of gut microbiota in association with immune dysfunction induced by MP exposure. Our results are helpful for expanding our knowledge about the impacts of NMPs as potentially harmful substances in the aquatic environment.




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